Yup, you read that right.

Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Palentine’s Day, whatever way you celebrate, 24 hours of joy and beauty can sometimes be wrought with heartbreak from a past relationship. Difficult for many, today is a reminder of our “relationship status” from the constant   social media post, netflix original, or holiday special at your local coffee shop. Gals and guys across the nation will either spend the evening with a hot date or cuddled up proclaiming their real date for the night, 500 Days of Summer and the babes Ben and Jerry’s.

Why is it that one day of the year we are encouraged to either find a bae soon or result to “embracing the single life”?

I won’t be spending the evening cuddled up with a date, and heck that’s ok! Why is worth based on the need to identify with someone else?

There is an explanation, I promise.

It’s because we are designed for companionship. We are wired at the very soul of our being to long for true love, a handsome prince to wisk us away and care for us, or a beautiful lady that sees you as the center of her world. These desires aren’t bad in themselves, they are actually pretty beautiful.

I’ve already met my prince charming.

Yea, He’s real and pretty great I might add. From the very start he has always loved me. He calls me beautiful one (Song of Solomon 2:10), and absolutely adores me. He looks in my heart and sees my ugly, dirty bits (yea that’s a black eyed peas reference, throwback to 2010) and washes ’em all clean. Worthy. Pure. New.

For so long I sat waiting for a strapping young fellow to call my name and offer me a rose, in front of all the other girls. Yet, I didn’t realize my real love  was always waiting at my doorstep for me to open up and welcome him in.

How sweet it is to be loved by you.

I am single, and completely in love with the one who created me and loves me no matter if I don’t fit society’s measurements or dance a little more awkward than most. The greatest possible expression of love is not a box of chocolates or an engraved necklace from Kay’s but doing something for someone else that helps them but might hurt you. It’s loving someone even when you know they hate you.

And that’s my love story.

The King of the world decided He wanted to love me even when I hated him and did everything to hurt him. I can tell you right now it’s pretty hard to love someone that hates you or has hurt you in the past. Yet every time we say His love is not good enough, when we wait up for the boy to call that we know doesn’t treat us right, or decide one night won’t hurt, we reject the love that God has for us. I can be the first to say what the world portrays as “love” doesn’t satisfy and the only real true love is already chasing after you.

I loved you at your darkest.  –  Romans 5:8

Man. At my darkest? Even when all the stars seemed to disappear and there was no hope, God decided I was worth the sacrifice and the greatest love story ever began.

Valentine’s day may be one of my favorite holidays because it is a celebration of the love that Christ brought in to the world and we continue to chase after even if we don’t know it. We all may be searching, unsure of who that special someone is, content with the single life, or reading this with the blessing of another human heart in mind.  Wherever you are at, there is purpose to your season, and so much joy to be had knowing that you are loved desperately by the God of the universe who could’ve broke your heart and left you alone but decided to call you His, forever.

So, enjoy the day. Spend it with ones you love, eat chocolate, laugh a lot, and know that your love story still continues if you are walking it without a human hand to hold.

Treat yo self, for you are oh so loved, and made worthy of more that you can imagine.

Love on.