I thought I would take the time to make a list of expectations for my future husband, since that seems to be the only logical thing an 18 year old single chick would do at this time of life.

So, I’m gonna hop on the college girl train and make a checklist in case I think Mr. Right is knocking at my door.

10 Must Haves in a Guy:

  1. lover of Jesus
  2. bladder of a squirrel
  3. if not ^, will stop frequently on road trips for my squirrel-like tendencies
  4. had a medal phase
  5. could still be in the medal phase
  6. flails arms wildly and screams bloody murder to car jams
  7. is a Costco member
  8. shaved legs for kicks and giggles in high school/college
  9. burns s’mores
  10. is a person, not a checklist

The bottom line: don’t make a check list 

Mr. Right is just a dream that culture (of Christian colleges, media, Disney…whatever it may be) has created to perpetuate the idea of a perfect relationship. News flash!! That doesn’t exist and before I even get to the point of being in a relationship I definitely need to understand that if I go out trying to find a guy that meets every item on my checklist I will miss out on the whole point of being with someone.  I don’t even meet all the items on a Christian College Single’s Check List, so how do I expect anyone else too? We are all broken people, there is no one perfect guy out there.

In all the heartbreak I’ve experienced over the past year, I have come out with a lot of scars, but also learned one important truth: If I try to satisfy my need for attention, purpose, love, joy, etc. in another person I will be disappointed when I feel empty after not being filled completely.

God is the ultimate fulfillment.

I still forget that every day. As I find myself laying in bed going over what happened in the last 24 hours, I recognize every time I felt down was when I looked for satisfaction in the world around me.

I still hope to find a partner to walk through life with me, but I finally recognize that as I walk alone right now I’m not truly alone. God wants this special time with Him solely, AND doesn’t want me to create a picture of a perfect knight in shining armor because HE already is that!

SO, I made one more checklist, this time for real:

  1. fall in love with quirks (yours! and others)
  2. make sure you can laugh a lot (all the time, single or dating)
  3. learn to love who you are before you let anyone else try to fill you up.

Sincerely, Brain Fuzz