I’m tired of seeing people around me half-living.

I’m tired of seeing faces defeated and tired, beaten down by life, letting one blow destroy them.

These last few weeks have been, well, like hell. I’ve witnessed the darkest pits of our human brokenness, a part of life that confuses and scares me to pieces. It feels as though I am the whack-a-mole and I keep getting unlucky when I pop back up.

Once I finally grabbed on to a ledge and pulled myself out of the pit, I learned something:

I am totally lost.

I have no idea what’s gonna happen next, and maybe that’s the whole point.

“There is no guarantee that these small seeds will take hold and grow into something beautiful for all the world to see. They could die from lack of water or be choked by weeds. We plant in hope, not certainty. But we plant because we know it is true and right and good. Even as we bend to push the seeds beneath moist soil, we are learning that hope is the patience to work and wait for a future not yet seen” – Katongle

It seems to me that every time I finally felt like I was healing, I was stabbed again. But despite every cut, I am still standing here today.

News flash: this world is broken.

That means that everything in this world is under the net of brokenness. Every day we wake up and fight against the darkness that wants to consume us. We are half-living if we don’t recognize the pain and suffering before we start to hope. It cannot be that when a family member dies, or we walk through the strain of mental illness, that we let it take us down completely.

Peace is not the absence of the storm, but the ability to walk through it, unmoved by uncertainty, clinging to hope.

As long as we are in this world we are living in the realm of darkness. BUT, light can be found when we trust in its power to overcome the pain. The thing is, God already defeated death. So why are we still living as if death has power over us?


This is what I like to call half-living. The state where you are present physically and socially, but running on empty of passion, courage, boldness, uniqueness. We are told growing up that in order to succeed you have to get a good grades, get a college degree, a good job and a good family. Strive for good.

MAN, I’m sick of just “good”.

We are humans, designed to flourish, not just scrape by underneath the rot and rust.

Wake up and take charge of the gift of life! You know, that small burst of joy inside you that sometimes comes around and keeps you from staying in bed all day? That’s hope.

Stop swallowing the pill society gives you to suppress your aspiration. Drip sweat and blood working towards what makes you finally feel alive. It may hurt, you may fail. But life isn’t defined by our failures,but by the moment we decide to get up and keep going.

Live your freakin’ life.


Sincerely, Brain Fuzz