Now. They said a while ago to us, “so how are you going to change the world?” We fought back with anger and complained for the amount of pressure they put on us to “make a difference”. We are told to be “difference makers” to “be a light”,

but the dark is too loud.

Now. We cry tears of frustration, aching out of the backs of our broken dreams crumbling in front of us before we even begin them. Under the dictatorship of the embodiment of the bully roaming our twisted streets. Racism, sexism, the phobia of all-but-the-mirror-in-front -of-him, stares at us blankly, unmasking the true evil that lies within each of us if we don’t push back against it.

Now. We crawl around, shying away from the sun because we can’t take its hope. We don’t talk about it, we silently scream holding high our privilege and pushing down the “less than” beneath our feet. We keep waking up, we mindless chatter, we take one more sip and fall asleep.

Now. We must decide. It’s called a test, one big multiple-choice in front of us. Ah, something that feels comfortable for you, doesn’t require much courage you think, but on the contrary this will mark the moves you make for rest of your life under this clouded sky.

Now. The test. So they beat you down, they curse your race, your age, gender, sexual orientation. They hate you. You think hate will beat it out? You think punching back will show them that you will make a difference in the system, are you going to fight on their level instead?

Now. You think your voice doesn’t matter.

Now. It does. This test is of your ability to stay loud, to stay fierce, to shove love down the throats of hatred until it bursts.

Now. Participation is your ticket into the concert: one grand show that will tell us if you’re willing to give it all for the sake of justice. To take your words, bind together, into agents of social change.

Now. They try to push you back down, to say your overreacting, to say to give it up and not do anything, to forget the hands and feet that you were given by a God who laid down his life so the oppressed would be free. Freedom is bought with a price, so it can be shared with all.

Now. You wake up.

Now. You change the world; you forgive the hatred in your own heart and fight for love, flip the world on its side and show them what your made of, Who made you.

Speak. Roar. Shake. Stand up for the broken, the beaten, the damned.


Love is doing, and Now is the time to do it.