Sometimes I wish I didn’t have my mind.
Like, if I could just trade for a simpler, less attacking brain that didn’t find every way to drag me down, I would.

It’s like a buzzing noise that just won’t quit, like a bee sting that lasts forever, and I wish I could just gorge it out.

Wouldn’t that be something? I could just pick away all the weeds in my brain that are sucking away the life from the flowers, trying to bloom, trying oh so hard.
The weeds say things like “you’ll never be good enough”, “you will always be alone”, “why can’t you do that?”, “you are so tired”, “you won’t amount to anything”, “you need to work harder”, “you can’t take care of yourself”, “just give up already!”

Some days the weeds take over the flowers, and I can’t even see their buds.

The flowers, that say to me I’m held in the arms of my Father who is healing and holding my precious brain.
It’s a Saturday afternoon and all that is speaking is the weeds, but here is the attempt to rip them out.

Just a couple for today.

For the flowers to grow, you must retrain your mind. Pull out the damn weeds.

You are strong.
You are growing.
You are healing.

You are where you are right now, and that is good.

Please don’t let the weeds steal the life out of the flowers that sprout from your beautiful mind.

Chase truth, choke the lies.