Here’s something pretty kick-butt.

I learned in the last three hours all the blessings of the single life. Yes, this is an article about why it rocks to be single, no I’m not saying you should either be single or get off my page. I’m simply empowering the idea of being awesome while not being in a relationship.

Something truly excitable that popped into my brain was the concept of time, I have so much of it (you know besides the studying and nanny jobs). I am pretty free, like really free to do what I want. Today I decided that is a huge bonus point, not a negative of being single. I found that I get to plan my day based on anything that comes to my mind, I can get coffee with friends, go to yoga, breathe in the nature, read for hours, thrift a ton, whatever.

Another incredibly beautiful thing about this new concept of time is the cliché that I am truly learning who I am. I choose what to be, and be it. I have found what I love, what makes me tick, what stirs passion inside me, all the nuts and bolts (for now). It’s truly sweet to start to know who you are without defining it based on someone else. Plus I get to chose the movie for movie night and no one stops me!

I used to get so down about not have a significant other, but then I found out how incredible life is no matter what relationship status I have. Yes, some days are hard but today it started to become clear that I have been given a gift.

That gift is curiosity.

The future is unknown, including who may show up in it. Sometimes when I walk into a coffee shop and the barista gives me smile, my heart turns to butterflies and I order my black coffee like a champ. When the cute guy next to me in the library says hi, I nearly fall on the floor.

Okay, I am not that over the top, but it’s exciting, c’mon guys.

I have to think that curiosity is one of the greatest gifts because it creates a sense of wonder and amazement at each new turn. As I look at it now, I see that God is withholding me from a relationship in order to show me this beautiful part of life. He also wants to show me that my identity is not in another person but in a God whom set me free! Free from feeling lonely, free from the burden of needing someone else to fill me, free, free, free.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, often it’s really hard being single. Yet, I refuse to let these days pass me by and not soak up the life that they offer, the curiosity at each new sunrise. Who knows maybe the next barista to catch my eye will give me a free drink and we’ll hit it off! OR maybe I’m single forever and I get to create beautiful friendships with all of you. Both sound awesome, and I feel alive just thinking about it.

Don’t get down on yourself for being single, it may be just for now, or maybe God’s trying to show you how empowering it can be to truly rely on Him only.

Either way,

You are smart

You are resilient

You are brave

You are kind

You are loved


Live into that.